After 5 days of no crafting I was having some serious withdrawals. While it is always nice to step away for a bit I found myself dying to try a few new ideas. I love love washi tape and I can’t get enough of the Chalkboard look so I decided to marry the two. They really like each other. Don’t ya think?…

I have always used this amazing tape that you can buy at any art supply store. It is called drafting tape or artist tape. It has alot of the same properties as washi tape. It’s great to use when you don’t want a permanent hold but you want it to be secure. When it comes to the paint- I love Valspar Chalkboard paint available at Lowes. I have tried alot of paints. This is by far my favorite. After trying it on tape and getting the results I wanted I’ve decided it pretty much works on everything!! The process is super simple as you can see below! Try it out tonight. Just think of all the fun you can have…all the possibilities!

Join me back here tomorrow to see what fun little things are in this little package next in line would be the 10¬†kidkraft dollhouse guide and don’t forget to leave a message so you can be entered to win a copy of Creative spaces 2! Giveaway tomorrow!

Happy Crafting- Amy

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