Lash Extensions: How Long They Actually Last?

For those with eyelash extensions, you already know how face-framing and eye-opening they actually are. If you haven’t gotten a chance to try them, you can be guaranteed that they’re life=changing. Apart from making your eyes look more fluttery, they can also the need to put on mascara. That means that every single day half of your makeup is already done for you.

The only drawback is that they have an expiry date. So if you’re preparing for a special occasion, it’s prudent that you don’t become hasty and get them misapplied. Luckily, this article can guide you in understanding how long you should expect various kinds of eyelashes to last so that you can decide exactly when you should book your appointment.

So How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Whenever you decide to have lash extensions, it’s most probable they’ll choose anything like synthetic hairs, silk and milk, and they typically have the same kind of life span: approximately six to eight weeks. Their actual life span, however, is entirely based on your lash cycle. Since every extension is attached to one single lash, it will naturally dislodge themselves.

A natural lash can range from two to eight weeks, and therefore, this will influence the time you’ll have to enjoy your extensions. Since your lashes will be at distinct stages at any specified time, they won’t dislodge themselves all at once, and you may find that gaps begin to appear several weeks after wearing the extensions.

To rectify this, you can schedule for a fill-in treatment, which is meant to extend the overall wear of your lashes. Your lashes’ life span also relies on how well you care for them. There are lots of things, like not steaming your face and not using a steam bath, that you could do to extend their expiry date. 

How Do You Maintain House Cleanliness?

Maintaining a clean and orderly home amidst the chaos in your daily life isn’t an easy task. While deep cleaning a home might be difficult with your busy schedule, simply focusing on a few basic chores on a daily basis will allow a homeowner to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness. You only need to spend a few minutes a day to clean your home and maintain that cleanliness over time. Here is how to maintain house cleanliness.

Making your bed every morning is an important part of keeping your house clean. An unmade bed will make the entire room look messy. This habit can go a long way in keeping your room tidy. If you don’t like to tuck in the sheets every day, you can opt for a duvet with a removable cover. You only have to pull up the duvet and you have a tidy bed. If you saw bed bugs lingering on your bed, hire bed bug Seattle exterminator to remove them from your bed and even in your whole home.

A dirty countertop will make the whole kitchen look dirty. Make sure you wipe down the counters with an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. Clean up after each meal or snack to maintain a clean countertop. Don’t forget to empty the dishwasher each morning. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to empty your dishwasher. Piling up dirty dishes in the sink makes your kitchen look like a mess. Clean your kitchen’s hood and also your kitchen equipment. It is also important to clean your grease trap to prevent blockages of the sewer system due to accumulated grease and oils.

Check your whole house if there are molds and clean them up if you can. But if you can’t remove it you can call professional mold remediation services like Oahu mold testing and removal to get rid of the mold and they can anything related to mold remediation.

Make sure you do at least a small load of laundry on a daily basis. That way you won’t have to sacrifice the entire weekend doing your laundry. You can start a load before taking the kids to school and place it in the dryer once you get back home. Place a floor mat both inside and outside of each door to reduce the amount of household dust. Make sure to vacuum the floor every few days. Dispose of your trash and garbage regularly and even your junk at home.

These are important tips to maintain house cleanliness. 

Tips For Making Family Vacation Memorable

Family vacations are among the most important events in one’s life. In order to make the most out of this time spent with your beloved ones, you need to know how to turn your vacations into memorable events. This article shares a few tips to help you do just that.

Invest in a good quality camera. You don’t have to go for a professional model that would cost you an arm and a leg, as such cameras have a rather steep learning curve anyway. Vacations are supposed to be fun, so you may not want to waste your time learning the ropes of a fancy DSLR. An entry-level mirrorless is going to be just fine to help you create high-quality memories from your family vacations. What matters the most is to ensure that you capture the funniest moments from your trips. Also, make sure that you include all your family members in your photos. It’s also important to check your car’s engine to avoid a problem while on vacation. Saved a contact number of a towing service if you need a flatbed towing or any service that can provide a solution if you ever have a problem with your car.

Choose your destination and you’re itinerary together. Your children will be thrilled to research various places they’d like to see. You’ll also have more and better ideas, as group brainstorming is usually an excellent creativity booster. Invite your kids to imagine their ideal vacation, and work your way from there to choosing real-life destinations to visit together. Next, read about your destination and try to design some best itineraries to follow. You’ll have fun long before your vacation will actually begin.

Play some fun games together. While some vacations are for exploring new areas, others are for relaxation and for spending quality time together, as a family. Find some cool board games and take them with you on the trip. You won’t be sorry you’ve done it. However, assign only a fraction of your available time to playing games. Use the rest to spend time outdoors and to interact with your beloved ones. 

Some Common Household Repairs You can Do By Yourself

Home ownership is definitely a major life milestone. A home is the most significant investment that you’ll ever have to make in your life. This is where you raise your family and share quality time with them. We all feel safe and comfortable while in the confines of our homes. This is why protecting this investment is always a top priority.

As rewarding as homeownership is, it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. As a homeowner, you always have to ensure that your home is maintained in good condition in order to preserve its value and to also ensure that your home remains livable and comfortable.

Various features within our homes are subject to wear and tear. From time to time, there will be some home improvements and repairs that will need to be done in order to maintain your home. Fortunately, there are some minor improvements and repairs that you can perform on your own without the assistance of a professional.

This article takes a look at some common household repairs that you can easily do by yourself.

Replacing A Faucet

Replacing faucets is one of the most common home improvement tasks that you can perform on your own. This is especially so with centerset faucets. All you need to do is carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, call a professional for the more complex types of faucets that are wide-spread and have numerous hose connections on the underside.

Fixing A Running Toilet

If you have a running toilet, you don’t really need to worry about calling a professional as you can easily fix it yourself. All you need to do is purchase a toilet rebuild kit from a hardware store near you. The kits usually have easy-to-follow instructions. However, for specialty toilets, and like replacing roofs consider hiring a professional. Maui roofer can provide you quality materials and service.

Fix A Leaky Kitchen/Bathroom Pipe

Leaks under kitchen and bathroom sinks are some of the most common pipe leaks. However, fixing this is quite easy. These leaks are often due to loose or broken compression nuts. All you need to do is tighten the compression nut but if it is broken, a compression nut replacement is your only option. If necessary, you might have to replace the entire P-tap. If there’s a lot of waters stuck in your home you should hire a water cleanup company that has excellent service like water damage Oahu.

But for foundation problems, you should hire a professional contractor to repair it for you. 

Create Outdoor Living Space in Your Backyard

People who live in a warm climate enjoy spending time outdoors, and those living where cold weather arrives in winter look forward to the warmer summer months. Whatever the climate, homeowners often make improvements to their backyard to increase their living space.

The most common backyard project homeowners take on is creating a deck or patio where they can simply enjoy nature and also entertain guests. The size of the deck or patio will be subject to the space available and the expense of installing it. Whether the location is sunny or shady will also be a consideration according to the preferences of the family using the space. If little shade is available, installing a retractable awning may be a good idea. A pergola can also make outdoor spaces very comfortable offering protection from the sun or rain. If you want a concrete patio, you can hire a contractor from Corpus Christi concrete services.

While a well-appointed deck or patio add greatly to the usable living space of a home, the backyard can also be beautified with trees, shrubs, and flowers. You can custom decks according to your taste to make it unique. Newly constructed homes typically do not have anything growing in the landscape, and this offers a clean slate for the homeowner to create an attractive landscape. Some people choose to add a water feature near their outdoor living area since the sound of trickling water is calming.

The size of the backyard will dictate what type and how many trees, shrubs, and flowers should be planted. It is important to choose plants that do well in a particular climate where the home is located. In addition, care should be taken to consider how much sun or shade is available since different plants have different light requirements. When you want to maintain your trees, tree service in Alexandria can provide any service for your trees.

Having a pool in your home is a dream come true. If you have a bigger budget, you can repair, repaint or replaster your pool to make like brand new again. Hire a pool replastering company that has a good price and great quality service.

Many homeowners do not have the knowledge and ability to create the backyard of their dreams, so they should consider hiring a landscape architect for help. Expanding the living space of a home into the backyard is also a good investment since this will add to its value. 

Tips On How To Arrange A Bedroom

There are so many tips you can rely on when it comes to arranging your bedroom. Regardless of the size of the room there are a number of ways you can arrange it to ensure space is properly occupied and the room looks appealing. These ways include;

1. Anchoring Your Bedroom Layout

This entails putting your bed at the center of the wall facing the doorway so as to enable you to have adequate space to jump beneath the covers from either side. You can also add nightstands on both sides so as to give it a more appealing look. When you saw a bed bug in your bed, you should call a bed bug extermination company to inspect the whole room and exterminate bed bugs. Buffalo has an eco-plan treatment that specifically designed for those who have allergies or chemical sensitivities.

2. Put The Dresser In Your Closet

Big furniture can make your bedroom look squeezed, it is therefore advisable to ensure that you keep your dresser in your closet so as to free up your floor space and make the room appear to be larger. In addition to making the room look larger, it will also ensure that you have all your clothes in one place.

3. Get Creative With Storage

Storage is key especially when it comes to small bedrooms. It is highly recommended that you use under bed storage to stash clothes that you do not regularly put on and adopt custom shelving techniques for things like books and shoes. Storage beds are also a better option when it comes to getting extra space.

4. Sketch Your Layout

You can put your ideas down on paper to enable you to plan accordingly. This will also ensure that you do not leave anything out. You can also consider using an online room planner which will help you utilize your bedroom space well.

5. Place Your Rug Carefully

A Rug can actually make a small bedroom appear to be large. If the bed is centered the rug should be partly under the bed. If the bed is at the corner of the room the rug should be next to it or under another furniture piece

When you want to install or repair your air conditioner, you should find a reliable ac company that can provide excellent customer service.

These are the various tips you can adopt when it comes to arranging your bedroom. 

Great Ideas For Decorating Kids Bedrooms

Childhood is an amazing time when imagination provides an entire world of wonder. However, there are some things that parents and caregivers can do to make that world of imagination that much more rewarding for children. One of those is to make sure that decorating a child’s bedroom provides both mental stimulation – and the opportunity to grow motor skills and maintain fitness to ensure that bodies are given all the opportunity they require to grow strong and healthy while experiencing their formative years.

There are some great ways to ensure that the decoration in a child’s room provides all these things – and they need not put a huge dent in your bank account.

A room that offers the opportunity to explore both creativity and fun should be organized. that is not to say that it needs to be pristine. However, efforts should be made to provide the child with mental stimulation and access to the tools that he or she needs to exercise that creativity. Try and make that the youngest members of the family have easy access to things like art supplies. Try and ensure that storage spaces are easily accessible, bright and cheery. The bonus is that this will make it easier for young minds to grasp the idea of tidy up time. You can also install an air conditioner because of today’s weather to freshen up your room from heat. Find a reliable ac service in your area.

Try and ensure that if you are installing furniture (like a bunk bed – almost every child’s dream) that it is appropriate for space. Filling the room floor space until there is no room to simply use that active imagination is not fun. At the same time keep those colors cheery but show a little restraint. Not every color in the rainbow needs to adorn the walls. Check your bed, clothes, curtains, and other stuff in your bedroom if there are bed bugs or other insects in your room. There are fast and affordable grease trap services in Seattle that can help you get rid of bed bugs.

Try and keep it simple. It almost goes without saying that parents and caregivers are exposed to every marketing trick in the book to get them to buy the best new toy or invest in a fad. Stick to the classics. A great example is murals. Dinosaurs, outer space, and fairyland are all evergreen classics for a reason. It’s also easy to find stick on murals that have these themes and that do not cost the earth. Use accents and products like a ceiling fan that echoes the themes of the rooms – it lends an air of interest and once again exercises the imagination. You can install lights from an electrical repair company that can help you with any electrical problems.

Keep it simple, free up floor space and make sure that there is enough to keep the active imagination ticking over – and you will have the perfect recipe for a child’s room that both intrigues, keep active and clams. A great recipe for both adult and child to enjoy those formative years. You can hire a remodeling contractor if you want to renovate your kid’s bedrooms. 

Smaller Home Renovation Ideas That Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

The idea of home renovation is to make life more comfortable and pleasant in your home. The tendency is often to think of larger projects that involve substantial outlays of money to make your home look better. However, there are many of the smaller types of renovation, that can be more affordable, and therefore more likely to be carried out.

A simple thing like renovating all the faucets in your bathrooms, with the latest designs and water saving ones, can improve the looks in the bathrooms. It will also get rid of all the leaky taps that were the norm. You will also save a lot of water and pay lower utility bills.

Among other home renovation ideas that can also save you a lot of money in the long run, is to go in for appliances in the home that have high energy star ratings. You can carry out this project gradually, and replace just one or two appliances every month so that your home renovation costs are spread out. These appliances can be all those that you use in kitchens, bathrooms and even in your home workshop.

You can also customize your decks or balcony that can be a great addition to your home from a deck service that will suit your budget. Garland can be the perfect deck service company for your deck needs.

Kitchens are always crying out for renovation and redoing. Besides renovating all the appliances, as suggested above, also look at changing cabinet surfaces, as they can add a whole new look to your kitchen. Reorganize your kitchen to make it more efficient by making the distances between the sink, the stove and fridge equidistant, as these are the areas that are always in use during the various actions for cooking a meal.

Re-stuccoing is the perfect way to increase the visual appeal of your home. If you have a big budget for your home renovation ideas you can include this idea to make your home look new again. You will need to find the best stucco company to work this for you.

Home renovation ideas must have you looking at the future, and you can make life that much more comfortable by installing systems that automate various controls in the home. With the great advances in technology and IOT (internet of things), you can automate your home so that all your appliances can be controlled by you even when you are out of the home. Imagine, coming into a home in the evening after a hard day at the office, and find yourself entering a home that is at the right temperature, and with all the lights you require switched on, and probably even a hot pot that has your dinner ready to serve.

Always look at windows and doors for improving both the looks and functioning of your home. Changing to double glazed windows will make your home quieter and save you energy in the long run.

As the years go by, you will find your roof old and even have damage. You will need to find a great roofing service company for you to replace your old and damaged roof. 


Have you been feeling a little left out of the chalkboard trend because you don’t possess the super powers of Rhonna Farrer? Well, she is one talented lady and has more creativity in her little pinky than most have in their entire body but I have a little secret that can help you create your own little masterpieces for any occasion.

I am so excited to share with you a little trick I discovered a few weeks back. You can actually use the chalk pens on your stamps. Yup! It’s so quick, so easy and hello… Why didn’t I think of this before??

You will just need to start with a few basic supplies. Stamps for this project are by Tim Holtz and Stampin’Up!

The steps are simple. 1. Prep your surface using basic chalk. Rub the entire surface and gently wipe off to achieve a soft chalk look. 2. Apply the chalk Marker to the stamp and stamp your chalkboard. It’s that simple friends. The results in person will amaze you. It transfers the tiniest details. It really is the little things that make life so great:)

I have a tall chakboard wall before you enter my kitchen and I thought it would be fun to accent my entry way with a little chalkboard too. These will be so easy to swap out for different celebrations and holidays.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did. Just think of all the fun things you can do with that collection of stamps. I hope you’ll share your fun creations. The materials I used can be purchased from eBay, so be sure to use my eBay discount codesif you’re buying. Enjoy! XoXo, Amy




 I do love getting ready for Valentines. Hearts and Bright colors are a nice welcome to these cloud covered winter days. Before I get started I like to gather a tray of things that inspire me. Striped paper, clips, silver thread, little stamps, doilies and glitter ofcourse. Seeing the colors and textures together helps get the creativity flowing… my cameo is a must have if you want quick tags. They really do make it easy. I typically don’t go super traditional when it comes to holidays. I like to mix it up with a few colors that might surprise.
Live Inspired XoXo- Amy