Lash Extensions: How Long They Actually Last?

For those with eyelash extensions, you already know how face-framing and eye-opening they actually are. If you haven’t gotten a chance to try them, you can be guaranteed that they’re life=changing. Apart from making your eyes look more fluttery, they can also the need to put on mascara. That means that every single day half of your makeup is already done for you.

The only drawback is that they have an expiry date. So if you’re preparing for a special occasion, it’s prudent that you don’t become hasty and get them misapplied. Luckily, this article can guide you in understanding how long you should expect various kinds of eyelashes to last so that you can decide exactly when you should book your appointment.

So How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Whenever you decide to have lash extensions, it’s most probable they’ll choose anything like synthetic hairs, silk and milk, and they typically have the same kind of life span: approximately six to eight weeks. Their actual life span, however, is entirely based on your lash cycle. Since every extension is attached to one single lash, it will naturally dislodge themselves.

A natural lash can range from two to eight weeks, and therefore, this will influence the time you’ll have to enjoy your extensions. Since your lashes will be at distinct stages at any specified time, they won’t dislodge themselves all at once, and you may find that gaps begin to appear several weeks after wearing the extensions.

To rectify this, you can schedule for a fill-in treatment, which is meant to extend the overall wear of your lashes. Your lashes’ life span also relies on how well you care for them. There are lots of things, like not steaming your face and not using a steam bath, that you could do to extend their expiry date.

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