Smaller Home Renovation Ideas That Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

The idea of home renovation is to make life more comfortable and pleasant in your home. The tendency is often to think of larger projects that involve substantial outlays of money to make your home look better. However, there are many of the smaller types of renovation, that can be more affordable, and therefore more likely to be carried out.

A simple thing like renovating all the faucets in your bathrooms, with the latest designs and water saving ones, can improve the looks in the bathrooms. It will also get rid of all the leaky taps that were the norm. You will also save a lot of water and pay lower utility bills.

Among other home renovation ideas that can also save you a lot of money in the long run, is to go in for appliances in the home that have high energy star ratings. You can carry out this project gradually, and replace just one or two appliances every month so that your home renovation costs are spread out. These appliances can be all those that you use in kitchens, bathrooms and even in your home workshop.

Kitchens are always crying out for renovation and redoing. Besides renovating all the appliances, as suggested above, also look at changing cabinet surfaces, as they can add a whole new look to your kitchen. Reorganize your kitchen to make it more efficient by making the distances between the sink, the stove and fridge equidistant, as these are the areas that are always in use during the various actions for cooking a meal.

Re-stuccoing is the perfect way to increase the visual appeal of your home. If you have a big budget for your home renovation ideas you can include this idea to make your home look new again. You will need to find the best stucco company to work this for you.

Home renovation ideas must have you looking at the future, and you can make life that much more comfortable by installing systems that automate various controls in the home. With the great advances in technology and IOT (internet of things), you can automate your home so that all your appliances can be controlled by you even when you are out of the home. Imagine, coming into a home in the evening after a hard day at the office, and find yourself entering a home that is at the right temperature, and with all the lights you require switched on, and probably even a hot pot that has your dinner ready to serve.

Always look at windows and doors for improving both the looks and functioning of your home. Changing to double glazed windows will make your home quieter and save you energy in the long run.

As the years go by, you will find your roof old and even have damage. You will need to find a great roofing service company for you to replace your old and damaged roof. 


Have you been feeling a little left out of the chalkboard trend because you don’t possess the super powers of Rhonna Farrer? Well, she is one talented lady and has more creativity in her little pinky than most have in their entire body but I have a little secret that can help you create your own little masterpieces for any occasion.

I am so excited to share with you a little trick I discovered a few weeks back. You can actually use the chalk pens on your stamps. Yup! It’s so quick, so easy and hello… Why didn’t I think of this before??

You will just need to start with a few basic supplies. Stamps for this project are by Tim Holtz and Stampin’Up!

The steps are simple. 1. Prep your surface using basic chalk. Rub the entire surface and gently wipe off to achieve a soft chalk look. 2. Apply the chalk Marker to the stamp and stamp your chalkboard. It’s that simple friends. The results in person will amaze you. It transfers the tiniest details. It really is the little things that make life so great:)

I have a tall chakboard wall before you enter my kitchen and I thought it would be fun to accent my entry way with a little chalkboard too. These will be so easy to swap out for different celebrations and holidays.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did. Just think of all the fun things you can do with that collection of stamps. I hope you’ll share your fun creations. The materials I used can be purchased from eBay, so be sure to use my ebay discount codes if you’re buying. Enjoy! XoXo, Amy




 I do love getting ready for Valentines. Hearts and Bright colors are a nice welcome to these cloud covered winter days. Before I get started I like to gather a tray of things that inspire me. Striped paper, clips, silver thread, little stamps, doilies and glitter ofcourse. Seeing the colors and textures together helps get the creativity flowing… my cameo is a must have if you want quick tags. They really do make it easy. I typically don’t go super traditional when it comes to holidays. I like to mix it up with a few colors that might surprise.
Live Inspired XoXo- Amy



I’m officially kicking off the holidays around here. I thought it would be fun to share with you some gift wrapping ideas to get you in the mood! If you are like me you have a stash of boxes. Sometimes, it’s hard to see past the boring exterior. Well I’m here to help with a few simple ideas using some basic crafting supplies. You might want to swing by your local craft store and grab a few stamps and ink if you don’t own any because this week I’ll be showing you how to put them to good use.


Just cut a strip of cardstock as wide as your box and wrap around and tape on the bottom. Great way to use up your stash. Use strips of burlap or this amazing burlap ribbon by Stampin’up! And last but certainly not least add a big button for a fun element. It’s actually a gift in itself too. (These specific wood buttons will be available in my shop later this week) The adorable greeting for the tag is also found at too. Here’s a little tip- Keep silver and gold sewing thread on hand when you are wrapping your gifts. It is the perfect way to add a little sparkle!

Again I just added a little polka dot patterned paper to my box, cut some greenery from a garland and hung a little tag that I handstamped using a $1 bin stamp from Joann’s. Don’t be afraid to mix a little silver and gold they play very nice together as you can see. Another great tip when you are wrapping is to have plenty of little clothspins of all sizes. They are a super easy way to attach anything to your package.

This is a white box and I simply added some polka dot vellum to add a little extra dimension and interest and simply cut a large snowflake from my Silhouette Cameo using a shape from their library. They have so many to choose from – good luck! I’ve added some gold tinsel thread to the center and glued down a pretty little button for the finishing touch. If you don’t have access to a cameo you can handcut some snowflakes, make some from sticks,  use snowflake ornaments. Possibilites are endless.

This is a box that was previously used and I thought it would be fun to simple use some kraft wrap and finish off the edge with my sewing machine. But before I did that I stamped a little tag and stitched it right along the edge. So easy! It needed a little something more so I added a little paper bow. This specific one is from You can find these dies and patterns all over the internet.

I hope you have a few ideas of how you can wrap your gifts for special friends and family. Come back tomorrow for another fun idea! Live Inspired XOXO- Amy



Today I am sharing my love of two things. Paper flowers and this color combination. I think the dreary weather has me wishing for some sign of spring and since I can’t seem to find any looking outside. I thought I would just make my own. These flowers are perfect to add to any gift bag, box  or make a bouqet and give them as the gift. Trust me on this-you will make someones day! Many people have emailed me asking how to make these paper flowers.  I have provided the link from wedding chicks many times but I think sometimes a video might be more helpful. So today I have a little video to show you how easy these really are. 

 This was a super quick video. Far from perfect but I think it will help answer many of the questions I’ve had. So Enjoy!!




I love to create and lately I love to create with Glitter. It just seems to make everything a little bit better. Keeping it from getting in my Camera is my biggest challenge…. Today I want to share with you a super quick and easy way to make sipping that hot chocolate a little better. I’m planning to spend my Valentines sipping Nutella Hot Chocolate and watching a good movie.  Make 2. 1 for you and 1 for your man. He won’t mind 🙂 In fact he will quite like it.

Below are the steps. Easy as 1 2 3

Supplies: Double sided sticky paper , Heart punch or hand cut, Martha stewart glitter in yellow gold , white mug from Target.

Have some fun with glitter today. Hope you enjoyed this easy project. XoXo-Amy



Don’t you love Fall? I just absolutely love it! For so many reasons it always seems to be the happiest time of the year. The sweaters are coming out of the boxes to be cleaned. My boots are all nicely stacked in my closet and the smell of spiced apple is filling my house. I’m already thinking of how I’m going to decorate for Thanksgiving dinner and there is no better time of year to stay inside and get some crafting done. Today I’m just sharing a few ways you can say thanks. These are just bitty little pouches – perfect for a gift card , some cash or a small treat.  I’m going to stash a little handwritten letter in them and deliver to some friends. Who says it has to be a typical envelope?!


I’m off to bake some bread , paint some pumpkins and prep for a little crafting party that i’m hosting this weekend. Live Inspired. Amy



Today I’m sharing a super fun DIY paper project for your valentines decor. You’ve seen them everywhere. This is just my take using one of the cutest stamp sets ever!!

I am completely smitten by this stamp set above. It’s a must have. Check it out at Stampin’up! It’s called Oh, Hello. It has endless possibilites. If you need some happy mail this is it!! A simple card to say Hello! Are you convinced yet that you have to have this? 

See you tomorrow for a fun giveaway! Live Inspired- Amy

No. 65 Washi Packaging

I’m sure many of you can relate to this but I LOVE washi tape!!  It seems to be the first thing I grab for when I’m in a pinch to make a cute card or quick packaging. My Oldest is Graduating on Tuesday and I am trying to put together some fun little packages to make his day Special!  Even my boys like it when I spend time to make their packages fun. I simply made a little washi garland using some of my favorite Freckled Fawn black and white washi’s and wrapped it around my cig maker package. I stitched some silver stars into a garland and layered it for the finsishing touch. Add a stamped greeting and you are good to go. I planned today to share something a bit different but due to some technical difficulties not the computer kind… 🙂 It will have to wait to next week. I’m so glad it’s friday and I hope you have fun plans. I’ll be back next week with plenty of inspiration to start your summer off right.

Happy Weekend- Hugs



After 5 days of no crafting I was having some serious withdrawals. While it is always nice to step away for a bit I found myself dying to try a few new ideas. I love love washi tape and I can’t get enough of the Chalkboard look so I decided to marry the two. They really like each other. Don’t ya think?…

I have always used this amazing tape that you can buy at any art supply store. It is called drafting tape or artist tape. It has alot of the same properties as washi tape. It’s great to use when you don’t want a permanent hold but you want it to be secure. When it comes to the paint- I love Valspar Chalkboard paint available at Lowes. I have tried alot of paints. This is by far my favorite. After trying it on tape and getting the results I wanted I’ve decided it pretty much works on everything!! The process is super simple as you can see below! Try it out tonight. Just think of all the fun you can have…all the possibilities!

Join me back here tomorrow to see what fun little things are in this little package next in line would be the 10 kidkraft dollhouse guide and don’t forget to leave a message so you can be entered to win a copy of Creative spaces 2! Giveaway tomorrow!

Happy Crafting- Amy